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About WideMed

Ever since its establishment in 2000 WideMed has been a pioneer in offering advanced, web-based, automated sleep scoring solutions to the sleep clinical market. Introducing the company’s Morpheus® – the world’s first FDA-cleared computer-aided sleep scoring solution – WideMed has brought major breakthroughs in the development of monitoring, diagnosis and analysis sleep management solution for the growing respiratory market.

Sleep Apnea is recognized as life-threatening disease and is considered highly prevalent. Current clinical studies substantiate a very high correlation between sleep apnea and heart arrhythmia, hypertension, stroke, and other cardiac diseases

Having gained extensive knowledge in the domain of automated sleep scoring analysis and diagnosis of sleep disorders, WideMed has processed hundreds of thousands sleep studies, working with hundreds of physicians around the United States. Our innovative solutions are based on a wide portfolio of patents implemented in WideMed’s core technology.


WideMed’s highly versatile Morpheus can be used in laboratories and hospitals with full PSG’s or with any ambulatory device for home sleep testing.

Morpheus Family – Products and Applications

  • Morpheus – Automated Sleep Testing Management
  • Morpheus Hx – Hospital Sleep Study System
  • Morpheus Ox – Home Sleep Study System