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Morpheus Overview

Morpheus is the most comprehensive WEB based platform for management of sleep services available today. Far beyond its proven Computer Aided Scoring, Morpheus encompasses a complete workflow solution for sleep testing service providers. WEB based Cloud Computing operation and the embedded clinical database enable organizational flexibility and growth.


Morpheus is compatible with all portable recording devices and already has been used on hundreds of thousands studies by hundreds of physicians enabling its customers to improve operational efficiency. Physicians are able to interpret studies from anywhere and provide quicker diagnoses for improved patient care, in their private and secure area.

Morpheus System Highlights

  • WEB based management of large amount of sleep studies from multiple locations.
  • On-line scoring and interpretation fully compatible with all PSG and portable recording devices.
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) clinical Database.
  • Secure and private access for each physician.
  • Cost effective workflow.
  • Automatic Analysis.