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Morpheus Modules

Morpheus Automatic scoring and data management capabilities provide its users valuable and timely clinical information, enabling improved patient treatment while increasing operational efficiency and maximizing growth potential. Proven by hundreds of leading physicians and medical organizations in North America, Morpheus comprehensive system streamlines workflow and provides improved customers' service.

Morpheus encompasses user-friendly modules to enable high-accuracy data analysis, data mining and reporting for improved workflow.

  • Processing & Data Mining - Morpheus’ processing engine performs quantification of signals and events enabling advanced trend analysis and data–mining for accurate diagnostics and treatment management
  • Customizable Clinical Reports - The report generator provides physicians, technicians, scorers and administrators the ability to customize any interpretation letters and reports.
  • Study Workflow Management - Automated sleep study workflow of admission, acquisition, processing, validation, interpretation and billing, enables fast response time to improve efficiency.


Features & Benefits

Central Sleep Scoring

  • Signal raw data, the patient history, technician notes are transferred in electronic form to central server.screen1 small
  • Connects geographically distant / remote scorers.
  • Receives raw data from different PSG systems.
  • Fast, simple, easy to use and HIPAA compliant.
  • Enables maximum operational efficiency.

Web-Based Access

  • Server-based software.
  • Can be accessed via the internet with a standard browser.
  • Physicians can review records and compose interpretations from almost anywhere.

On-line Reports and Customized Interpretation Templates

  • Comprehensive sleep reports.screen2
  • Easy-to-use interpretation templates.
  • Customized / Formatted to each physician’s requirements.


Morpheus(R) Product Brief
Morpheus(R) User’s Manual