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Morpheus Hx

Morpheus Hx - Every monitored bed is potentially a sleep diagnosis device

Research indicates a significant connection between Sleep-Disordered Breathing and cardiovascular complications. One study revealed that 50 percent of patients suffering congestive heart failure also had Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and many studies show links between sleep apnea and other cardiovascular, metabolic, and neurocognitive complications. Yet most cardiac patients are never diagnosed for Sleep-Disordered Breathing. Over 80 percent of individuals with moderate to severe OSA have not been clinically diagnosed by their healthcare providers.

The WideMed Morpheus Hx sleep apnea diagnostic system turns every monitored inpatient bed into a virtual sleep lab. The system gives physicians the ability to do on-demand diagnosis, treatment, and referral of cardiac patients with sleep apnea by using real-time patient monitoring data.

Morpheus Hx is Web-based computer software, intended for use as an aid to the diagnosis of respiratory-related sleep disorders. The Morpheus Hx System is designed to process the raw signal data acquired by a third party physiological activity monitoring device in standard medical download format, analyze them, obtain the study’s analysis results, generate summary reports, and display the signals’ data and reports on a personal computer, using a standard Internet Explorer browser. The Morpheus Hx System allows the user to adjust the signal display configuration, to view and verify the raw signals and automatic scoring (including rescoring) and confirm the analysis.

In-Hospital Solution

  • A comprehensive in-patient diagnostic system that performs automatic sleep study analysis from signals acquired from bed side monitors
  • Signals : SpO2, ECG, Impedance, EtCo2
  • The computerized automatic clinical and interpretation reports include:
  • Sleep & Wake
  • Respiratory Events Detection
  • Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI)
  • Minimal disruption to the clinical flow in the cardiology department


  • Streamline inpatient sleep apnea diagnosis, treatment, and referral.
  • Automate results reports, including clinical report, analysis, and interpretation.
  • Speed up Web access to sleep diagnosis results for faster physician data review.
  • If necessary, prescribe a CPAP device for immediate treatment.
  • Improve cardiac disease outcome through early diagnosis of cardiac patients with sleep apnea.
  • Enhance your healthcare facility’s offering to include sleep apnea diagnosis
  • Identify patients suitable for sleep lab referrals
  • Transform every monitored bed into a virtual sleep lab, leading to increased utilization of resources.


  • Morpheus Hx Product Brief
  • Morpheus Hx User Manual