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Morpheus® is a web-based sleep information system. Once implemented, Morpheus will become the sleep lab portal providing its users with accurate and reliable patient information anytime and from anywhere.

Data management tools allow Morpheus users to track “bottle necks” and to prevent unnecessary expenditure while maximizing the growth. Patient information collected, whether demographic information, signals raw data, patient electronic forms or other medical records data is stored in the SQL data base. Any data element collected can be queried for clinical or administrative purposes.


Using scalable hardware architecture supports adding as many servers as needed for load balancing and enhanced performance. Combined with N-tier software application provides highly flexible system solution.


For customers who are currently using third party program such as a scheduling or billing software, Morpheus interface capabilities supports easy and seamless integration. Using HL7 and XML connectivity Morpheus can be integrated with any existing application while keeping the changes to the existing sleep lab environment minimal.


Morpheus data security is achieved through the use of SSL encryption and Windows integration authentication. Actions preformed in Morpheus are logged and tracked using the audit trail functionality according to HIPAA rules.